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  1. To contribute to the overall training of undergraduate pharmacy students in the areas of General Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Technology, Dispensing and Pharmaceutical Microbiology.
  2. To provide postgraduate training in any specialized area in Physical Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutical Microbiology.
  3. To conduct rese
    arch in the areas of basic and applied Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology.
  4. To undertake research on locally available raw materials and active agents for the pharmaceutical in
  5. dustry in Nigeria.



  1. To contribute to the provision of competent manpower for pharmaceutical services, industries, research institutes and universities
  2. To undertake research in the development of pharmaceuticals from synthetic and natural products.
  3. To provide scientific basis for the ethno medical uses of many local plants.
  4. To serve as consultants for the development, evaluation and analysis of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical processes.


The areas of research in the department include the following:-


Formulation and stability studies.

  1. Use of Local Plant materials in dosage form development.
  2. Microbial quality of Pharmaceutical products
  3. Evaluation and mechanism of action of antimicrobial agents from plants.
  4. Epidemiology of antibiotic resistant organisms.
  5. Research into natural products development.



    1. Development of locally available materials as pharmaceutical excipients e.g. starch and gums from various plant sources have been evaluated for their potential use in pharmaceutical formulations.


  • Formulation of phytomedicines for use as gargle, mosquito repellent; topical antibacterial lotion and scabicidal agents.
  • Scientific confirmation and evaluation of the efficacy of locally available plants used for their antimicrobial effects in ethnomedicine.
  • Identification of different pathotypes of¬†E. coli¬†involved in childhood diarrhoea in Ile-Ife and environs.